About TRMC

Mission Statement

Three Rivers Middle College Magnet High School (TRMC) empowers students to be college and career ready. A collaborative partnership with Three Rivers Community College combined with TRMC’s individualized and rigorous curriculum provides students with a dynamic, innovative learning environment. TRMC encourages students to become creative problem solvers and independent lifelong learners.

About TRMC

Three Rivers Middle College Magnet High School (TRMC) is a dual enrollment high school for students in grades 11-12, located inside the campus of Three Rivers Community College in Norwich, Connecticut. TRMC prepares a broad spectrum of students to be college and career ready by fostering a nurturing environment that creates student ownership of their own learning. Our professional learning community is committed to a curriculum of academic rigor, skill acquisition, and character development essential for success in the 21st century.

TRMC serves students who are interested in pursuing studies in various career pathways, such as: Early Childhood Education, Engineering Technology, Business, Criminal Justice, Hotel & Hospitality, and many more.

As a dual enrollment magnet high school, the students will complete high school graduation requirements while having the opportunity to take courses at Three Rivers Community College. The college has transfer agreements with many four year institutions. Our high school classes are offered in a small environment which allows for an individualized learning plan.

LEARN Regional Educational Service Center is a collaborative partner in this program and is the fiscal agent for the school.

Three Rivers Middle College is administered by LEARN, the Regional Educational Service Center. For more information about LEARN visit www.learn.k12.ct.us

What Makes TRMC Unique

TRMC students can:

  • Develop a personalized learning plan with the collaboration and support of a caring staff
  • Take college classes and gain college credit while finishing high school
  • Finish the first year of college while completing high school
  • Jump start their career preparation in a number of Career Pathways such as Engineering, Hotel/Hospitality Management, Business and Finance, Criminal Justice and Early Childhood Education
  • Experience internships through TRMC partnerships with area businesses, non-profits and the Community College
  • Have complete access to the Community College environment and resources including library, computer centers, labs, clubs, activities and health center

Beliefs & Values

What Beliefs & Values Should Define a Student at TRMC?

  • TRMC students are capable of achieving greatness and succeeding academically if they are an active participant in their education and work hard enough.
  • Hard work and applying yourself equals success.
  • Reminding yourself of a goal will help you achieve it later in life.
  • I believe that if you are friendly and accepting with all your peers you will have a better school experience.

What Beliefs & Values Should Define Teachers at TRMC?

  • A TRMC teacher makes me think and tries to open my mind to the multiple possibilities, and make connections inside and outside the classroom.
  • A TRMC teacher makes the effort to treat us as adult individuals by caring for us beyond academics and is willing to help students comprehend the material fully.
  • A TRMC teacher should build a friendly, personal relationship with students in order to encourage us as students and people.
  • A TRMC teacher should display good character in and out of the classroom.

What Beliefs & Values Should Define TRMC as a School?

  • TRMC should give us equal opportunities and multiple options to better our education.
  • TRMC should strive to be a family so that others can be there to help us succeed as a community.
  • TRMC should be a positive, safe, welcoming, peaceful, and fun environment.
  • TRMC should allow students to be independent, make decisions, and be treated like adults.
  • TRMC should make sure that what’s taught is understood.

Staff Core Values & Guiding Beliefs

  • We are committed to providing a rigorous, relevant, and comprehensive curriculum that develops students’ multiple literacies, critical thinking, and problem solving skills.
  • We strive to prepare our students to be ready for the academic and social requirements of the college and career environments.
  • We will nurture students’ potential to become confident, contributing members of society.
  • We use data from multiple sources to know the students that we teach and personalize learning experiences to meet student needs.
  • We learn from challenges, mistakes, and setbacks and use that learning to inform our practice—we look for progress not perfection.
  • We value the collaborative learning community that exists between Three Rivers Community College/TRMC students and staff.
  • We are committed to pioneering cutting edge and innovative educational opportunities.
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